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Subject: RE: [chairs] Keeping OASIS TC Announcements Current

Carol, Sharon:

Having just gone through this process to update the XDI TC announcement
section, I found the Kavi instructions on the Edit Notes page badly need
updating. It explicitly says that any changes to the "Note" field will
appear only to TC members, and the public will only see the text in the
"Group Description" field.

I searched all over for a different option before giving up and trying it as
you described in your email. Sure enough, the "Notes" field is actually
published as the "Announcements" text on the TC public page.

So it all works fine, it's just the documentation that needs updating for us
poor chairs who just try to follow instructions ;-)


-----Original Message-----
From: Carol Geyer [mailto:carol.geyer@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 10:37 AM
To: chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: 'sharon burbine'
Subject: [chairs] Keeping OASIS TC Announcements Current

OASIS TC Chairs,
Just a reminder to please keep the 'Announcements' section of your OASIS
TC's homepage up-to-date. This area is the first place people go to find
information on the mission and status of your TC. Old information may give
press or prospective members the impression your TC is no longer active.
'Announcements' is a good place to showcase the status of work under
development, e.g., links to approved OASIS Standards or Committee Drafts or
work-in-progress or to highlight details of upcoming events, milestones, or

To update your TC's 'Announcements' section, simply:

1. Log on to KAVI and go into your TC's Group page.

2. Under 'Group Notes' select 'Edit.' This will take you to the Edit Notes

3. Edit 'Announcements' text in the 'Note' field.  To ensure a consistent
look, please use html tags, remembering to insert correct code. (KAVI will
not render it if you forget a closing <p></p> tag or something else.)

4. Once you're satisfied with the edits, select 'Modify Notes' to save your

If you have any questions, please contact sharon.burbine@oasis-open.org.


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1.978.667.5115 x209

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