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Subject: Specification Namespaces? Standard XML Schema Validation Service

Hi Jamie, Karl, fellow chairs,

I just reviewed the TC Process and TC Guide and discovered that there 
is now no mention of OASIS providing a namespace for standards and 
specifications. I do not recall seeing in the brief notes about 
previous changes to the TC Process that this was removed. I admit I 
probably just missed it, but since I have followed the chairs 
discussion about document management and the document repository, and 
I have also made an effort to follow TC Process changes when I 
haven't been completely swamped with work, I am surprised I did not 
notice mention of this during the explorations of the document 
repostory question or in the TC Process changes.

Have namespaces been rolled into the new Standards Registry 
Repository? I mention this because it has always seemed like an 
obvious solution, and I assumed such would be the case eventually, 
making the URN for OASIS with a specific namespace location in the 
either the TC's document repository or the standards repository 
(which I would reserve for a family of specs such as legalXML, 
TopicMaps, ebXML, etc.)

The reason I am asking is that a namespace is required to validate a 
schema, which brings me to the last part of this message.

Can we establish a standard validation service for all OASIS 
specification schemata, and require validation using this validation 
service for a Committee Draft (or Committee Specification if we 
change it back to that formulation to avoid confusion) and for 
Submission of a Committee Draft to OASIS for approval of a candidate 

I have several reasons for asking these questions, like all of the 
TCs in which I actively participate and all of the TCs and SCs in 
which I am an observer.

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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