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Subject: Re: [chairs] Updated Naming Guidelines for review and discussion

TC Chairs and Secretaries:

Just a note and reminder that these Naming Guidelines are being proposed 
by the TAB for approval by the OASIS Board as the required naming scheme 
for documents produced by TCs. The upcoming revision of the TC Process 
(more later) requires that files produced by TCs conform to an approved 
naming scheme, and this is the proposed scheme for that; upon approval 
this will be the naming scheme that TCs must use.

So please give your input on this document because it will affect the 
operations of your TC.


William Cox wrote:
> The TAB has significantly updated the Artifact Naming Guidelines. Thanks 
> for the comments!
> We've added a context-free grammar for the names, extended examples, and 
> an editorial pass for consistency and references.
> Many of the comments were on the URN section (and its relationship to 
> RFC 3121).  I've pulled that section from the current workind draft 08 
> so we can get you the rest of the document now; when the URN section is 
> updated we'll send that to this list -- probably near the end of October.
> There are updates to the OASIS TC Process and to the OASIS IPR policy 
> pending; these Naming Guidelines will be synchronized with those and 
> released later this year (likely effective date for all of these is the 
> end of the year).
> Comments are invited - to this list, or email to the editors (myself and 
> Tim Moses), or to the TAB list if you're a member.
> Thanks!
> bill cox

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