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Subject: Re: [chairs] RE: [members] OASIS member review of proposed revision ofTC Process

On Oct 14, 2004, at 12:14 PM, Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
> To deposit spec drafts in a
> cvs repository outside of OASIS and only from time to time bring in 
> milestones,
> depriving people outside of the TC (that is, people who may not know 
> of the
> existence of the repository) the ability to trace the evolution of a 
> spec,
> would also threaten the openness and accountability of the process.

I think OASIS needs to balance openness with usability.  My TC 
(ebxml-msg) uses a subversion repository on my personal server for 
collaboration on our docbook-based specification.  There is a link in 
Kavi to a web interface to this repository.

If OASIS wants to prohibit me from doing this, it had better provide me 
with a subversion, CVS or perforce repository to work with.  Kavi is 
not a good development tool.  I'm more than happy to use OASIS tools if 
they meet my needs.


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