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Subject: Re: [chairs] RE: [members] OASIS member review of proposed revisionof TC Process

/ Eduardo Gutentag <Eduardo.Gutentag@Sun.COM> was heard to say:
| Now, if someone could come up with a suggested new version of the paragraph
| that reflects all this....

I'll take a stab:

  TC Visibility

  All resources of the TC and its associated subcommittees, including
  web pages, documents, email lists and any other discussions, must be
  available on facilities provided by OASIS; TCs and SCs may not
  conduct TC business, store documents, or host web pages exclusively
  on non-OASIS servers. All web pages, documents, and email archives
  of all TCs and SCs shall be publicly visible.

  Mail Lists

  Each TC shall be provided upon formation with a general discussion
  email list and a means to collect public comments. Subscription to
  the general email list shall be required for Members, Voting
  Members, and Observers of the TC.

  The minutes of each TC meeting and a record of all decisions shall
  be published to that TC's email list. All email discussion of TC
  business must take place on the email list.

  All TC email lists shall be archived for the duration of the
  corporation, and all TC email archives shall be publicly visible.

  The purpose of the TC's public comment facility is to receive
  comments from the public and is not for public discussion. Comments
  will be publicly archived, and will be forwarded to one or more TC
  members including the TC Chair. TCs shall not be required to respond
  to comments.

  Comments from the public, and from TC members, provide an important
  measure of the success, both technical and political, of the TC and
  its work products. It is vital that comments and the TC response to
  those comments, if any, be transparent to both the public and the TC
  members. To achieve this transparency, comments must only be sent
  through recognized, publically visible channels.

  Comments to the TC made by TC members must be submitted via the TC
  email list, and comments made by non-TC members, including from the
  public, must be made via the TC's comment form. Communication through
  other channels, if there are any, cannot be considered a comment
  on the TC or its work products.

  Web Pages

  The OASIS TC Administrator shall provide the TC with a publicly
  accessible web page.

  The TC must keep the following information current on the TC web
  page: the TC name and charter; standing rules and other adopted
  procedures; meeting schedule; anticipated deliverables and delivery
  dates; list of TC members; the name and email address of the TC
  Chair or co-Chairs as well as other positions such as secretary,
  editor, etc. that may exist; list of subcommittees, their
  deliverables, and members; links to draft and completed TC documents
  with identification of the latest versions of the TC's
  specifications; and IPR declarations.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM / XML Standards Architect / Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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