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Subject: RE: [chairs] IPR Transition Policy

 I have just attended one of the calls on the new TC and IPR policy.

Thanks for allowing this access.

I have a few of points that I would like to raise.

1) I was informed that there will be no transition for TC process
document.  The concern I have for this is that this changes the voting
rights of various members who either through geography or expense are
unable to join in meetings of TC and therefore would lose the voting
rights that for some TC are managed in a more flexible manner at the
chairs discretion.  For example people may be able to do F2F but not a
weekly call.

2) Now we then have a different basis for IPR of a TC that requires
maybe 100% or 66% of the voting member to agree.  It is quite possible
that a major contributor that has no voting rights could be affected by
this policy.  I feel that the right to vote needs to be looked at for
this one issue of the IPR for the TC.

3) I am concerned at the hurdles being placed in front of the RF IPR
models.  We have found that even on TC business that it is very
difficult to get votes completed.  I therefore think that uninamous
votes are not a feesable option.  I feel that a super-majority should be
applied in all cases and that for all options a period of 60 days should
be given to allow a contributor to remove their contributions should the
vote not go the way they need.

4) I think that it would be useful for OASIS to give a list of RF
licenses that they feel would fit into the the two categories of RF and
therefore help 'prime the pump' in those areas. It might be useful for
OASIS to give an example license for the RAND as well come to think of

5) I know this has been raised but I am concerned about individual
membership and their position.  As this was the route for my involvement
in OASIS I feel that this useful soft entry point should be maintained
and cover for such people should be provided. 

6) If a TC fails to get 50% of it membership to renew according to the
new membership details is there any provision to allow the creation of a
new TC based on a previous TC?


Martin Roberts
xml designer,
BT Exact
e-mail: martin.me.roberts@bt.com
tel: +44(0) 1473 609785  .

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