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Subject: Back to boring old Naming Guidelines, this time with URN section

Sorry to distract you all from the process and IPR policy email threads...

Attached is Working Draft 09 of the OASIS Artifact Naming Guidelines, 
both clean and with diffmarks from wd08. Due to file sizes, I'm sending 
the Word versions of both documents.

The URN section has been rewritten, I hope more clearly, and 
reinstalled. The examples were changed to reflect the new section, and 
several points were clarified regarding who assigns what names.

There's one NOTE/open issue in the URN section -- should namespace 
declarations be required to use the recommendations for OASIS URNs, or 
is MAY sufficient? Comments specifically on that, as well as on the 
entire updated document, will be appreciated.

Comments to me, or to tab@lists.oasis-open.org if you are a member of 
that list.

bill cox



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