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Subject: comments on new process

Comments on the new process document:
- I agree with the many folks who have pointed out that restricting the use of tools to only those offered on the OASIS web site is not appropriate, at least until the tools there are sufficient to get the work of the TC's done.   It is appropriate to say that all official work of the TC must be on the web page.  On the BPEL TC, although we utilize tools for issues lists and editing the spec that are not available on OASIS, the official versions of these are available on the web site (and the working versions are visible).    

- There's been a lot of discussion about the new definitions of TC member types.  The reuse of the same terms with different definitions hasn't helped to clarify this.  It might have been simpler to either use a completely new term for the new member type (only getting email's not allowed to discuss - subscriber maybe) and leaving the other names the same, or rename all types.  Same idea would apply to the new definition of terms for the draft/approved specs/ap.  Our TC had just gotten used to the terms in the last process update.

- The super majority vote definition example needs correcting - it says that if there are 20 voting members and 14 vote yes and 6 or more vote no the motion fails -  there can't be more than 6 no's in this example unless someone is voting twice. Based on the definition of super majority, it should say if 5 or more vote no.  

- I'm finding the process for a person to become a TC observer confusing - can someone become an observer without the approval of the primary representative (document says p.r. must be notified not approve).  Will the chair have to do anything (today we need to accept thier membership).  

-  I agree with the previous comment that there is really no reason for the chair to be involved in approving members.  If chair involvement continues, I hope that the process of getting approval from the primary representatives will happen prior to involvement of the chair.  It would be a burden on the chairs to have to keep track of this.  

- The process calls for the chair to send email to the TC for numerous events (new members, loa's, meeting attendance, minutes of TC meetings).  Almost all of this information is available on, or can be posted to the TC web site.  In general, the web site should be the source where possible or at least a valid alternative - no one needs extra email.  For example, the web site has a calendar entry with a minutes section and attendance roster - posting information there should be an alternative to email (its much easier to find later).    

- LOA rules are too restrictive and not necessary.    Since the TC needs to approve any after the first one per year, issues with frequency and duration can be managed within the TC where people understand the circumstances and contributions of individuals rather than via a rule set at the organization level. There are many members who make good contributions who due to personal or work issues need more flexibility.   If the rules remain, the oasis web tools need to be corrected to indicate loa status - this applies to both the attendance reports and the individual member histories.   As is they're hard to enforce.
- I agree with previous comments about public comments and would add that the chairs should be subscribed to the public comment list automatically (It may be just me, but I didn't realize I wasn't for a long time).  

- section 2k says "... Meetings scheduled or conducted in such a manner as to exclude the participation of an TC Member is subject to appeal."  Its virtually impossible to schedule a meeting without excluding someone - it might be better to add something about reasonable efforts and possibly majority opinions.
- For electronic voting, the definition of quorum should be included.  

 Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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