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Subject: Fwd: IPR Modes and All That

     Recently I received a very good set of questions from a TC 
chair.  Here they are:

>Can you give us a three line update on this status of the IPR Modes 
>discussion?  * * * in simple questions (if there are such things in the 
>context of IPR):
>1) Is there a URL for the current documents?

     Q1:  The most recent visible drafts are still the member review 
versions, linked at the [members] page 
http://www.oasis-open.org/members/.  They are several months old.  The 
Board subcommittee on IPR has been working on further revisions.  See 
Q3.  While some details have been refined, the broad outlines of the 
October drafts haven't changed.  There have been significant modifications 
in response to member comments, but no radical rewrite of the basic ideas.

>2) Is there an "OASIS IPR for Dummies" document?

     Q2:  Not yet.  But I expect us to release one within a few days of the 
announcement of the policies.  See Q3.  I also anticipate that the Board 
will distribute comment logs noting the disposition of the member comments 

>3) What is the current timetable?

     Q3:  The Board hopes to finish and approve the policies as early as 
this month.  I expect that the earliest effective date for the changes will 
be ~60 days after announcement.  (E.g., announcement on 1 Feb. would yield 
an effective date around 1 April.)  So operationally, a TC would see it 
coming at least two months in advance.  "At least" because TCs still will 
have a considerable period of time *after* the effective dates to select an 
IPR mode, under the planned transition rules.

>Sorry to bother you * * * Thanks.

     Glad you asked.  I expect to have an update next week.
     Best regards  Jamie 

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