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Subject: Adjustments to your rosters


You may have noticed an unusual volume of notices about people being removed
from your TC.  These likely reference people who actually have been inactive
for sometime.  If you receive messages about active members, do let me know

Some background info:
Whenever a member is deactivated, for non-renewal, bouncing email, leaving
their employer, etc a series of automated steps take place to deactivate
them on your roster, remove them from the mail list subscribe, mail list
allowed posters etc.  Sometimes all the necessary steps do not take place,
generally because the action is done at the same time the mail list is in

We have a new tool we use to synch the TC and mail lists, affectionately
called the Integrity Checker.  We ran it yesterday, and it caught 18 months
of accumulated errors, most of which would have been "invisible" to you and
would have had no impact on your TC.  Nonetheless, you may have received an
unusual number of messages, indicating that all the steps necessary to
deactivate a member have been completed.  

Going forward, we are running the Integrity Checker daily, so we will catch
and correct any errors in a timely fashion. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this. 

Scott McGrath
Director Member Services

+ 1 978 667-5115 ext 202
+ 1 978-667-5114 fax

PO Box 455
630 Boston Rd
Billerica, MA  01821 USA

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