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Subject: OSI licensing and OASIS

Continuing the conversation around the OASIS IPR and OSI licensing.

The mists on both sides are being to clear-up somewhat it appears.
Seems like these are two ships that have been passing each other in
the night for sometime now - with people on both sides only
thinking there is some correspondence.

The issue is producing a definative list of core aspects of OSI licenses
and which license supports what.   A simple table for that is a powerful
tool - but nothing exists today.  There is light at the end of the tunnel
however - and moves are afoot on the OSI side.

Here's a sample resource that shows the types of licenses - missing
of course is this handy table as ready refereence to the usage cases
that might match OASIS modes.
> http://mibsoftware.com/librock/lidesc/stamp.htm
> (Has 29 licenses, but missing some OSI approvals in the last
> two years.)

Only then can OASIS move to produce licensing and policy that 
supports that.  IMHO - this fundamentally explains why the 
current 3 OASIS IPR policies are completely out of step with the 
needs of OSI licensing!

If one side is speaking one language, and the other another - then 
no small wonder that they do not correspond.

I'm hopeful that a more complete understanding can emerge here
and then OASIS policy reflect the needs of the community - because
clearly FOSS is a huge emerging constituency for our work that
can we cannot afford to cripple.

Thanks, DW

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