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Subject: Re: [chairs] Of un-patents and un-inventions

David,  Thanks for the links and info.  I'll try to get up to speed.  I am 
hoping the OASIS board is paying attention to this discussion.  I've also 
filed and fought patent issues and hope we can find a way to corral the 
madness in the good work of OASIS.  "Open invention" is a good name which 
is similar to "open source" that is palatable.    "FRI" would be fun but 
I'm afraid the acronym would hide the good intentions of the real meaning 
"freely reusable idea."  Regards, Elysa

At 10:19 AM 3/14/2005, David Webber \(XML\) wrote:
>I'm open to better suggestions!
>BTW - seems like the patent approach to this is
>but again this IMHO falls into the same bear trap we are trying to avoid -
>eg -
>this just sucks you down into the morass that is the USPTO - we're trying to
>we stay away from all that.
>I've had a suggest of other terms like "open invention", or "freely reusable
>I also think we need "obvious and self-evident" in there too....
>Thanks, DW
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Elysa Jones" <ejones@warningsystems.com>
>To: "David Webber (XML)" <david@drrw.info>; "Chairs OASIS"
>Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 10:57 AM
>Subject: Re: [chairs] Of un-patents and un-inventions
> > Except for the name, I think this is the best idea I have heard yet wrt
> > Cheers,
> > Elysa Jones, EM-TC
> >

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