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Subject: RE: [chairs] TC attendance rules

Jamie – can you update us on whether or not the meeting attendance rule is going to get changed and when that might happen?


I am about to get bit by this rule myself.  That’s annoying.  We hold SSTC meetings every other week.  Due to holiday travel I missed our 5-July meeting and, while I can attend on 19-July, I will miss our 2-Aug call due to vacation.  Thus the 2 of 3 rule kicks in for me and I will become a non-voting member of the TC I co-chair.


I immediately wondered how that affected my ability to operate as co-chair, but I see that the process permits both “Voting Members” non-voting “Members” to act as chair/co-chairs.


I suppose I will ask for a 1-meeting Leave of Absence. But having to do that just demonstrates how silly the rule is.



On a minor related note, I believe the TC process section 2.4 has a couple uses of the term “Member” where the more specific term “Voting Member” should probably be used:  It states: “Voting Members who do not participate in two of every three Meetings (or Specification Ballots as described above) shall lose their voting rights but remain as Members of the TC. A warning may be sent to the Member by the Chair, but the loss of voting rights is not dependent on the warning. A Member may relinquish his voting rights by sending a statement to that effect to the TC general email list.” 


I believe:

-          A warning may be sent to the Member” should be changed to “A warning may be sent to the Voting Member

-          A Member may relinquish” should be “A Voting Member may relinquish


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