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Subject: Voting 2/3


My TC's number of voting members has now dropped to below 30 out of 110 
members and observers.  IMO - a lot of this is due to the 2/3 rule and 
the fact it is summer.  Many in my TC have expressed that the rule is 
not fair and would prefer to move to a different metric, perhaps only 
loosing voting privileges if you miss 2 in a row.  Attendance at every 
other meeting seems to be more than adequate to retain knowledge of the 
TC work given the traffic on the lists and other informal meetings.  We 
have a few members who have been extremely active that are now on 

I want to ask again if OASIS is going to open this up for further 

Is there any chair opposed to further discussion on this matter?

Duane Nickull
Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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