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Subject: email archive bug fixed

Several OASIS members have noted an odd behavior of the MHonArc

software which creates online archives using HTML versions

of individual email messages.  In rare cases, the archiving

software would split a message into multiple parts, creating

an incomplete header for the other split messages.


The OASIS IT staff has now patched the MHonArc software

responsible for this problem.  Please send email notification

to Technical Support (support@oasis-open.org) if you observe

any further occurrences of this or any other software bug.


We understand that members of the Technical Committees

depend critically upon an accurate and complete historical

record in the email archives.  We take seriously our obligation

to provide this service, and apologize to anyone negatively

impacted by the archiving glitch.


Plans are now underway to repair the email archives, while

ensuring link persistence (no URI references will be

altered in the process of correction).


OASIS IT is planning upgrades to the email system; this includes new

hardware and software components designed to reduce latency and

otherwise improve system performance.


We strongly encourage TC members to report any occurrences of

problems in email handling and archiving, as this feedback is

critical to the quality of service we can provide.


Thanks for your ongoing feedback


Peter Roden



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