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Subject: Draft ASIS under review: mandatory policy? Please review and comment by 1 March

TC leadership:

     Please take a careful look at the current member review draft of the 
"OASIS Standard Artifact Identification Scheme (ASIS)" at [1], and ask your 
editors and other interested TC members to do the same.  Our Board of 
Directors plans to consider in March whether to make it, or portions of it, 
mandatory policy after the current review is completed.

     Previous versions of this document were called "Artifact 
Identification Requirements" and "Artifact Naming Guidelines", and were the 
subject of an earlier review in June 2005 [2].  This proposed policy would 
provide the technical details behind the "file naming scheme" rule 
described in Section 2.18 of the TC Process:

>"... All documents and other files produced by the TC, including 
>specifications at any level of approval, must use the OASIS file naming 
>scheme, and must include the OASIS copyright notice. ..."

The Board plans to take into account the input from this second review, and 
any recommendations the TAB makes as a result, when it considers the 
document in March.

     The document itself, and a disposition log of comments from the 2005 
review, can be found at the links listed in [1].  Please provide your 
feedback between now and the deadline for comments, 1 March 2006.

     Thanks and best regards  JBC

[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200507/msg00001.html

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