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Subject: Re: [chairs] Discontinuing Applicant and Prospective Member roles

Scott, thanks for the update.  A question below...

You wrote:
When an eligible person requests Member status, they will be added to the
roster automatically--when the request is approved/confirmed by the Primary
(or self-confirmed in the case of Individual and Associate members) This
process eliminates the need for the old roles of "Applicant", and
"Prospective Member"--and the need for you to manually transition members
from those roles.

My question:
Will the approval from the primary rep still be visible to the chairs or when a person shows up as a member do we assume the OASIS staff has processed the approval from the Member's organization primary rep and if necessary chased down that approval? This week I noticed a change in that I am no longer getting notifications from the system of the approvals etc. I would appreciate a clarification as to how this step now works given that Applicant is now a thing of the past. Thanks

WS-S and WS-SX Co-Chair

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