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Subject: RE: [chairs] Discontinuing Applicant and Prospective Member roles

> Thanks for the feedback, I'll forward your comments to the Board TC
> Process
> Committee, as they are reviewing these issues now, and are exploring
> to
> document members who do not intend to queue for Voting Member status.
> Additionally, please know that we intend to deliver a "Primary
> tool for Primaries to view and manage their staff participation.  This
> will
> help them remove some "deadwood" on the rosters.

I planned to propose this in my role as a TAB member, but I wanted to
raise it here to get comments from chairs.

> As for your concern about obligation- the participation obligation
> increments daily based on the roster.  If Hal@BEA is a member of the
> cookie
> TC today when the counter runs, the increment for BEA goes up one.  If
> goes to IBM tomorrow, but remains in the cookie TC, the counter for
> will
> increment one tomorrow, with no retroactive affect.

The case I was thinking of was if BEA became obligated because of my
participation and then I went to work for IBM. Assuming there was no
longer anyone from BEA on the TC, there would be no indication of their
obligation given from looking at the roster.


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