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Subject: Re: [chairs] reminder of new TC Join Process

Scott, I am finding that under the new system I am not getting enough e-mail from the system (I know careful what you ask for :-)

I have two requests:

1. Please include in the e-mail I do get when someone joins the TC details of whether they have joined as a Member or as an Observer (this used to be the case but now I have to go and check the roster to see)

2. I am no longer getting copied on the mails that go out when we "upgrade" or "downgrade" someone to/from Voting Member. I really do want to see these so that I know the individual was notified of the change and has the chance to contest it if I got it wrong etc.


WSSX & WSS Co-Chair

"Scott McGrath" <scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org>

03/28/2006 11:04 AM

[chairs] reminder of new TC Join Process

To respond to a few questions received of late, let me summarize the
benefits and changes associated with the TC join process changes first
introduced to you folks 8 March.

The new process means:

- when a name appears on your roster as Member, it is confirmed by the
- You no longer need to manage the Primary Approval process.

- You no longer will receive the cryptic and confusing emails seeking and
confirming Primary Approval

- You no longer need to transition Applicants and Prospective Members to the
Member role. (Except for fixing the backlog)

- You will only receive one email about a new member to your TC, as your
official notice, but you do not need to respond - the system did it for you

- IF a name is not on your roster-BUT the person says they joined already--
direct them back to the Join button on your TC homepage.  They will receive
instructions there that are specific to their status --you needn't try to
manage that process. (the "Join" button is in the same location as the
"Leave" button you see.  Who see which button is controlled by the
roster--if you are not on the roster, you can join; if you are on the
roster, you can leave)

- you should expect to continue to manage the roster for Observer to Member,
Member to Voting Member status transitions, but these are also expected to
be greatly automated in the coming months.

In summary, this new tool is intended to make your job as Chair or Secretary
easier.  Really.


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