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Subject: Mail problems

While our IT team keeps their heads down on solving the email problems
several of you have reported, allow me to share an update. 

Yes, there have been some serious mail delivery problems over the last few
days.  Some messages have been delayed for hours.  This is not right, and we
apologize for that. Our staff has been working hard to resolve the problems
that caused it.  We now believe that mail is being delivered in a reasonable

If you know of any further problems, or if you see issues regarding mail
delivery that you want to report--here is how to make sure it is seen as
part of this high priority mail problem:  Send an email with message details
to support@oasis-open.org ***you must include the following in your subject
line: [#1787] *****  If you only reply to me, I'll forward it, but sending
it as described will be more direct.

So you know, the problems have essentially been caused by a huge spike in
spam activity, where our servers were receiving spam and junk mail faster
than in could be processed.  Yes, we do filter for viruses and spam. (I know
you might think otherwise, with the volume that gets through ;-))

As for the future, several things suggest good news. You've seen a message
from Greg Rundlett recently about the new TC Comment Facility that is almost
ready.  When this rolls out in the next few days, it will cut off the major
source of spam on the comment lists.  And, server upgrades are in process to
give us more capacity to process and deliver mail.

Thanks for your patience with this, and your willingness to report any

Scott McGrath
Director of Member Services

Tel +1 978-667-5115 x202 
Fax +1 978-667-5114

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