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Subject: Re: [chairs] Microsoft's "Open Specification Promise"


This looks like a very promising and a clean way to state MSFT's benign 
intentions around the WS family of specifications.

However, your reference to CardSpace is a bit confusing in this context. 
CardSpace will likely employ many technologies not covered by this 
(e.g., the InfoCard artifact itself, linkages to Windows OS etc). So 
that may be a distinction worth keeping in mind.

- prateek mishra

> People on these lists who have seen my discussions earlier this year 
> about IPR licensing may be interested to hear about Microsoft’s 
> announcement at the Digital Identity World conference [1] of a “Open 
> Specification Promise” (OSP) [2] around the Cardspace (formerly 
> Infocard) concept and technology [3].
> I have scanned it and from an initial review, it looks like a good 
> model for companies who want the lowest-friction means to allow use of 
> their intellectual property in specifications which are to be truly 
> open and widely adopted.
> I think there will be a great amount of discussion about this OSP, 
> especially as to how it enables open source implementations. However, 
> perfect or imperfect as it might turn out to be, Microsoft should be 
> applauded (esp Kim Cameron and Mike Jones) in making this OSP happen. 
> And I would hope that this sort of licensing catches on here in OASIS.
> -Gabe
> [1] http://conference.digitalidworld.com/2006/
> [2] http://www.identityblog.com/?p=574
> [3] http://msdn.microsoft.com/winfx/reference/infocard/default.aspx

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