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Subject: OASIS Teleconferencing Support Starting


You asked for support in your international teleconference call costs,
because the cost of calling was prohibiting international participation in
your TCs.  Here it is.

As a test of a new service, and to ramp up the services (while learning the
real usage needs for this service) we will initially offer this service to
DITA, Open Document and the PKI TCs.  This test group was selected because
the Chairs of these 3 TCs reported international calling expenses are
causing a problem in my survey earlier this year. 

Any Chair of a TC that also wishes to have this service for their
international members should contact me, and I will queue them up, based on
expressed need, and available budget.

If this test goes well, and we learn this is an important service with
reasonable expenses-- we may extend this service to all TCs, as part of our
budgeting for next year.  Conversely, if the service is misused or abused,
we may be forced to discontinue the service for any or all TCs.

I will be providing the access instructions and rules for usage to the first
test TCs Monday.

Not that I have to remind you, but, you are encouraged to share your
thoughts directly with me or any staff, or post comments to

Best Regards,

Scott McGrath
Director of Member Services

Tel +1 978-667-5115 x202 
Fax +1 978-667-5114

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