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Subject: TC Lightning Rounds at the OASIS Symposium

Dear OASIS TC Chairs:

The Symposium is 3-weeks away!  Have you designated a TC Lightning Round
speaker yet?

As you all know, the Symposium is once again featuring TC Lightning Rounds.
These Lightning Round sessions will be held both on Monday and Tuesday
(http://www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium/2007/schedule.php).  Each TC
should designate one representative to deliver a short (3-4 slides/2-3
minute) presentation. Once your TC has designated this representative,
please forward their name and contact information directly to me at
jane.harnad@oasis-open.org. If a TC representative will not be present at
the event, we ask that you please provide materials for an OASIS staff
person in advance. We're hoping to have a TC representative or OASIS staff
person speak on behalf of each TC during the event. The exact day and time
of the presentations will be forwarded (over the next couple weeks) to each
confirmed TC representative.

Special Note:  Lightning rounds slides and/or speaker information is due no
later than 6 April.  Please email these details directly to me at


<> The TC meeting schedule has been posted and may be viewed at
There are no set fees to attend these meetings; however, registration is

<> Two special TC member briefings are available at this year's event -

Tips for Effectively Chairing and OASIS Committee
Sunday, 15 April - 4:00-5:30

Things Every TC Editor Should Know
Sunday, 15 April - 2:00-3:30

All TC chairs, secretaries, and editors are encouraged to attend these
workshops. Anyone with an interest in a leadership role in a new or existing
TC is also welcome. There is no charge to attend these briefings; however,
registration is required.

<> OASIS Annual General Member Meeting (AGM) -

This once-a-year event provides a members-only opportunity to review and
respond to a state-of-the-union address presented by the OASIS Board of
Directors. The AGM will be followed by an evening reception offering the
perfect place to network with OASIS members, directors, and staff.

<> OASIS Board Meeting: Open to Members -

As part of the OASIS Board and Management ongoing efforts to enable greater
communication, all members are invited to attend the quarterly meeting of
the OASIS Board of Directors. This meeting will be held in conjunction with
the Symposium, from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM on 18 April and from 9:00 AM to 5:00
PM on 19 April.

<> Book Table Donation & Raffle

Books that feature technical and executive-level information on OASIS
standards and specs are welcome at the Symposium. If you are willing to
donate a book or two, we will display them throughout the event (with
purchasing details) and raffle them off during the closing session. Authors,
publishers, or collectors interested in donating books should contact
events@oasis-open.org by 1 April 2007.

Thank you again for reviewing all the above and please feel free to call or
email me directly with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in
sunny San Diego!


Jane Harnad
OASIS, Manager of Events

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