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Subject: Technical Committee Webinars/InterOps

Dear TC Chairs,

Just a reminder that OASIS staff is available to promote your TCs work via
an InterOp demo or webinar. InterOps are multi-vendor demonstrations at
conferences or exhibitions. The OASIS InterOps have been very successful on
many levels. Conference organizers and attendees are extremely interested in
these types of demonstrations and we have found that the participants gain
increased visibility and exposure for the collective commitment to standards
interoperability. A five- to eight- month lead time is usually necessary to
secure space on the conference program or show floor,

Webinars are an easy and effective way to elevate the visibility of the TCs
technical purpose and progress. The webinars also stimulate traction and in
some cases increase membership. Planning for webinars should start six- to
nine- weeks in advance. If you anticipate a major milestone for your TC in
the coming year, if there's a conference or other event where you'd like to
have visibility, or if you're looking for ways to attract new participants
and/or adopters, consider an InterOp or webinar. Please contact me for more
information. I'd be happy to join an upcoming TC call and discuss the
details with TC members.


Plan to Attend...
Open Standards 2008:
Composability within SOA
28 April - 1 May 2008
Santa Clara, CA USA

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