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Subject: Mailing List changes rolled out

I'm writing this message as a heads up to some changes rolled out this week to 
mailing lists.  Certain members have been having trouble posting to mailing 
lists due to their companies utilizing a technology called BATV, or PRVS.  
Our mailing list software has been modified as follows to assist these 

Since BATV or PRVS mplementations modify an outgoing message's "Return-Path:" 
header to authenticate potential bounces,  the software we use to manage our 
mailing lists was not properly recognizing those messages as coming from a 
valid poster address.  The newly modified version will base the acceptance of 
a message posting on the "From:" address, instead of the "Return-Path:" from 
now on.

I just want to make sure everyone is aware of this change so that if you see 
problems with people posting to the lists, please report them to me.  I 
strongly doubt there will be any noticeable impact at all, but 
wanted to ensure that people were at least aware of this change happening.

Neil Schelly
Senior Systems Administrator

W: 978-667-5115 x213
M: 508-410-4776

OASIS http://www.oasis-open.org
"Advancing open standards for the information society"

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