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Subject: Dictionary analysis of OASIS schemas

I thought I'd pass along some insights on new capabilities and options that you may consider for your own TC's work.
Particularly in reviewing schemas for consistency - and especially when you have more than one schema, or versions of schemas - and need to know what core components have been used - in the design.
This is a bottom up approach - retroactively allowing a sanity check on the XSD.
Here's a use case scenario to give you a feel for what is possible.
The attached spreadsheet was produced by first making OASIS CAM templates of 3 schemas (from election services TC) - then building a combined dictionary using xslt on the templates - and then finally another xslt to compare the EML 120 to the dictionary of the other two.
This is all packaged conveniently as menu Tool options in the CAM editor available from Sourceforge (camprocessor) - so you don't have to manually muck with running the raw xslt by hand.
The resulting output is conveniently formatted as XML that you can drag and drop and opens in Excel as a spreadsheet workbook.
Anyone interested can explore the tutorial here:
Attempting to do this kind of analysis by hand is of course daunting - so you can save weeks of time if this is applicable to your needs.
There's other handy things the CAM tool will do besides - such as documentation in HTML format; creating XML test case examples and so on that can be useful for outreach materials for your own TCs wiki site for example.  The tutorial covers those aspects too.
Thanks, DW


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