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Subject: Re: [chairs] What can Standards Development / TC Administration doto help?

The current OASIS TC process says (2.18):

    Editable formats of all versions of TC documents must be
    delivered to the TC’s document repository. TC Working Drafts
    may be in any format (i.e. produced by any application). All
    TC-approved versions of documents (i.e. Committee Drafts,
    Public Review Drafts, and Committee Specifications) must be
    delivered to the TC’s document repository in the (1) editable
    source, (2) HTML or XHTML, and (3) PDF formats; and the TC must
    explicitly designate one of those delivered formats as the
    authoritative document. Any links published by the TC shall be
    to the HTML, XHTML and/or PDF formats stored using repositories
    and domain names owned by OASIS and as approved by the TC

It would help in following this discussion to have suggestions put
in the form of proposed changes to this policy.

FYI, the UBL TC authors its primary documents in DocBook using the
templates provided by OASIS and generates HTML and PDF from that.
The DocBook XML can be viewed directly in Internet Explorer if the
distribution is installed locally (doing this over the web is


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