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Subject: Practical considerations and impacts of mandated editing formats /tools

My experience with this in the past is that this imposes an unacceptable barrier to the volunteers who do the hard work of actually editing and completing the specifications.

Once you start needing to install add-ins and scripts and all kinds of non-default pieces into editing tools things rapidly get out of control.  What one person sees in their environment is not what someone else has.

I always hear "well it works wonderfully for our TC" - but then those same people are not the ones responsible for fixing your PC and editor and documents and providing support to your deadlines.   Or working with a TC member who is likewise being challenged sending in edits.  Training is another issue.

I'd strongly prefer to not open this whole can of worms - and allow TCs to continue tp decide - as now - what tools they are most comfortable with using for developing their specifications.  If something is suggested and provided to assist - that's fine - but that's not the same as mandating something.


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