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Subject: RE: [chairs] What can Standards Development / TC Administration do to help?

Hi Ken:
Sounds interesting.
Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, but what is the authoring
environment for the TC spec editor? Put another way, is it something that
plugs in to existing tools (be it OpenOffice, Word, or other) or is it
another authoring tool to download and install (remembering that many of our
editors work on locked-down, corporate, systems)?


| -----Original Message-----
| From: G. Ken Holman [mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com]
| Sent: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 22:32
| To: chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
| Subject: Re: [chairs] What can Standards Development / TC Administration
do to
| help?
| At 2010-05-18 14:01 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
| >Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't dream of editing a spec in anything
| >*other* than (a particular) OASIS XML format, but that's not going to
| >be news to anyone :-)
| Norm won't say it, but I will ... I've created a spec publishing
| environment based on DocBook.
| The version 0.4 currently visible in the template directory is
| outdated and I'm waiting for TC Admin to upload the latest that I
| delivered to them last week.  What I like about this environment is
| that it produces the HTML and PDF to Mary McRae's specifications
| precisely, such that she doesn't need to do any post-processing to
| put the files up on the web.  My CLRTC's latest specification
| documents were successfully published with this environment.
| If anyone would like early access to this "0.5 wd02" version, please
| let me know off list.  I'll post again to this thread when last
| week's ZIP is available on the OASIS site for everyone.
| . . . . . . . . . . . Ken
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