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Subject: RE: [chairs] What can Standards Development / TC Administration do to help?

At 2010-05-19 09:35 +0200, Peter F Brown \(OASIS Individual Member\) wrote:
>Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, but what is the authoring
>environment for the TC spec editor?

I don't try to constrain the author's flexibility by tying the work 
to any authoring environment.  I have a hand-rolled task-based XML 
prose editing environment that I wouldn't wish anyone else to suffer 
through (and due to a pending machine upgrade, I'm about to lose what 
I've used for the last 13 years, so I'll have to roll another one).

This wasn't my first attempt at a task-based XML editing environment 
either ... I've never found a tool that does task-based XML editing 
and so have been hand-rolling my own on top of an office productivity 
tool since about 1994.

>Put another way, is it something that
>plugs in to existing tools (be it OpenOffice, Word, or other)

That isn't something that I've personally done for DocBook ... many 
tools have built-in awareness of DocBook (though not the tools you cite above).

>or is it
>another authoring tool to download and install (remembering that many of our
>editors work on locked-down, corporate, systems)?

It is not an authoring environment, it is a validation and publishing 
environment only.

Again, my focus is on creating an environment that publishes the 
OASIS artefacts to meet Mary's consistent look and feel.  Having 
created this, I now can focus exclusively on content and not worry 
about formatting, because if my content passes the validation I'm 
expecting the formatting to pass Mary's scrutiny.

The process one uses to create the XML for my validation and 
publishing environment is unfettered.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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