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Subject: Re: [chairs] What can Standards Development / TC Administration do to help?

At 2010-05-19 08:32 -0400, Bob Freund wrote:
>Woulds it be feasible to produce ONE std OASIS spec XML 
>representation and / or transformation tools from a few editing 
>formats to that ONE format?
>the "canonical OASIS standard format "would be the one that 
>subsequent tools would deal with.

I personally think that is the wrong approach.

Our end users in the community need ONE format with which to read and 
work with our specifications.

But I wouldn't want to impose my task-based XML editing environment 
on anyone, and I wouldn't want to use anything else or I won't be productive.

I wouldn't want to impose DocBook on the DITA community, or the other 
way around.

I wouldn't want to impose OpenOffice on a Word user.

I think committee productivity trumps any benefit one might get by 
having only a single authoring/publishing environment.

Note that for the UBL committee, our normative specification is the 
DocBook XML itself.  The HTML and PDF renderings are for humans to 
look at thus meeting the OASIS publishing requirements, but the 
specification itself is a hub XML document with hyperlinks to many 
other resources.  I wouldn't want to be obliged to change that.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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