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Subject: RE: [chairs] When is a TCs work done?

I don't know what specific OASIS TCs have imminent closure hanging over their heads, and I don't think this is the relevant place to deal with the plight of any specific OASIS TC.  I submit that there are better places to conduct appeals over and above those that are made on the TC lists.

Nosing around, I found a couple of TCs where short notices of TC completion have been made recently. In the notices I read, there is reference to previous warnings made 6 months or even longer previously.  And I also see that simple responses to questions about how to avoid closing the TC are also provided and new warnings tend to cite how that has not been accomplished since the previous warning.  The items that are asked for are visible and tangible and inside the structure that OASIS provides for TC operation.

I am not clear what it means to say "the TC wants to continue" if quorate meetings and the minimum voting membership are not sustained.  I suspect the question then becomes, "what TC?" since voting membership does seem to have some trip wires.  This is too speculative on my part though.  I think the case of a specific OASIS TC needs to be dealt with by coordination with someone in a position to do something about it.

 - Dennis

PS: I am reminded of what I have seen attributed to Woody Allen: "90% of success in life is by showing up."  TCs need to show up and demonstrate that they are doing or have done the work they were established for.

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Subject: RE: [chairs] When is a TCs work done?


What I am seeing is the opposite. 

The TC wants to continue, the chair wants to continue, there is progress ongoing on new specification work, and for some reason OASIS is rushing to attempt to close the TC - instead of working with the existing members to resolve any procedural issues and keep the work moving forward.

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