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chairs message

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Subject: Support for new Biometrics TC

Chairs -

I wanted to make you aware of, and solicit support for, the formation of
a new Biometrics TC.  You may or may not have been following the work of
the current BIAS (Biometric Identity Assurance Services) TC, but we have
made progress towards the finalization of our specification and also on
our reference implementation.

However, over the course of our work, we've identified other related
work in the area of biometrics.  Rather than re-charter our current TC
before our work is done, we'd rather "spin-off" a new TC with a broader
scope to address these and other projects.

To learn more about this, you can visit http://bws.nist.gov.  Also, a
discussion list has been established and will be open for about another
45 days (

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