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Subject: Re: [chairs] An introduction to your new Director of Standards Developmentand TC Administration


thanks a lot for the illustrative introduction. It's great to see you on 
board at OASIS and looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Am 21.04.2011 02:59, schrieb Chet Ensign:
> Greetings chairs,
> As a follow-on to Scott's announcement of my joining OASIS as the new
> Director of Standards Development and TC Administration, I thought you
> might appreciate a bit of background on who I am and what I bring to OASIS.
> I have long been involved with XML and OASIS. My employer was one of the
> founding organizations of SGML Open in 1993 and we built the
> consortium's first website (fondly known as "SGML Open House" for any of
> you who remember it). I also served on the TAB in its early years and
> co-chaired the LegalXML Legislative Documents TC. I feel well versed in
> both OASIS process and culture.
> I first got involved with SGML back in 1991 when my staff and I built a
> markup-driven, multi-output technical documentation publishing system
> for a database software company, Information Builders, Inc. I later
> worked at Matthew Bender, a boutique legal publisher, and at LexisNexis
> where I managed the development and implementation of content
> architecture standards and governance for their legal, news and business
> information products. My most recent position before joining OASIS was
> at Bloomberg LP, where I used XML data and metadata to package legal
> information in new and useful ways for customers.
> Throughout all these roles, I have concentrated on helping my
> management, peers and colleagues understand how the use of data
> standards adds efficiency, reliability and economy to the process of
> developing complex, inter-related information systems. I have also
> sought to manage the push and pull between long-term strategy and
> short-term practicality in productive ways that let us all get work done
> while making continual improvements in our systems. I hope those
> experiences will prove helpful in my new roles here at OASIS.
> The new Standards Development team at OASIS consists of me, Paul Knight,
> and (partially) Robin Cover. Let me say from the start that I am
> indebted to Robin for his extraordinary service as transitional TC
> Admin. I intend to take full advantage of his knowledge of the open
> standards landscape in general and the OASIS TC Process in particular as
> I come up to speed in my new role. I am also grateful to have a seasoned
> OASIS veteran like Paul onboard. As a team, we are committed to
> providing you with the assistance, instruction, and advice you need to
> ensure your goals are met and your TC work is productive.
> I will be reaching out to as many of you as possible in the weeks ahead
> to learn more about your work, your plans, and what I can do to help. In
> the meantime, if you have any immediate needs, questions, or comments
> for me, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am open to your input
> and excited to be working with you all.
> Best regards,
> /chet
> ----------------
> Chet Ensign
> Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
> OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
> http://www.oasis-open.org <http://www.oasis-open.org/>
> Primary: +1 973-378-3472
> Mobile: +1 201-341-1393
> Follow OASIS on:
> LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/OASISopen
> Twitter: http://twitter.com/OASISopen
> Facebook: http://facebook.com/oasis.open <http://facebook.com/oasis.open>

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