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Subject: Please join me for an 'Open Mic' session with TC Administration, February 8th or 9th

OASIS TC Chairs,

I cordially invite you to attend a GoToMeeting "open mic" session with
TC Administration on Wednesday, February 8th or Thursday, February 9th
(session times below). I will hold these sessions quarterly to report
on what my team is doing to support your work and to get your insights
and feedback directly.

Two sessions are scheduled so that a convenient time will be available
for members regardless of location or time zone. There is a cap on the
number of attendees so if necessary I will schedule additional
sessions to accomodate everyone who is interested.

Join me for:
- A recap of 2011 TC Admin statistics & steps taken to improve our
level of service;
- An overview of changes to TC Process in 2011 & what they mean for your TC;
- An outline of planned changes and improvements for 2012 to help the
process work better for you & to provide you with improved support.

And for an open question & answer session. Tell me directly what you
want or need from TC Administration and OASIS.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to others you think would
be interested.

The details for the sessions are:

Wednesday, 8 February and Thursday, 9 February

Session A (timed for Europe and the US east coast)
- UTC: Wednesday, 8 February, 14:00:00
- CET: Wednesday, 8 February, 3:00 PM
- US east coast: Wednesday, 8 February, 9:00 AM

Session B (timed for the Pacific Rim and US west coast)
- UTC: Thursday, 9 February, 00:00:00
- Eastern Australia: Thursday, 9 February, 11:00 AM
- China and western Australia: Thursday, 9 February, 8:00 AM
- US west coast: Wednesday, 8 February, 4:00 PM

This meeting will be held using GoToMeeting. Please RSVP to Dee Schur
at dee.schur@oasis-open.org in order to receive the meeting details.

If we run out of space for the scheduled meeting, I will schedule
another meeting to accomodate everyone. If for some reason, you are
unable to use GoToMeeting, please contact me so that I can arrange a
separate briefing with you.

Thanks & I look forward to talking with you on the call.



Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-378-3472
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393

Follow OASIS on:
LinkedIn:    http://linkd.in/OASISopen
Twitter:        http://twitter.com/OASISopen
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/oasis.open

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