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Subject: Force Majeure in TC Process- how to respond to major calamity

Several of you have asked how the TC Process addresses the issue of a
major incident, like the recent devastation on the eastern seaboard of
the US that will result in people that are not able to join a TC
meeting, not able to give apologies, etc. all  very understandable
given the circumstances.  This could, by strict reading of the rules,
might affect their voting rights. If important voting moments would
come up in the next few weeks, these members might have a problem as
they might have lost their voting rights.

Several of you may have tried to ask Chet Ensign this question,  but
he lives in New Jersey--site of some of the worst damage.  Please know
that Chet, his family and home all survived with little damage (his
house lost a few shingles, Chet's hair may have turned a little
grayer) But Chet's internet and email access is probably more than a
few days away, so let me jump in.

There is no specific force majeure clause in the TC Process.  Take
that as encouragement to use good judgement to accommodate members
with the good intention to participate but are prevented by the
widespread devastation.

Someone has likened this situation to a broken traffic signal on the
roadway.  Everyone knows the intended purpose and if everyone is
willing to improvise and respect that purpose then everyone gets
through the problem unharmed.

And that my friends, is my best hope for this difficult situation -
everyone gets through it unharmed.

Thanks for being willing to improvise.


Scott McGrath

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