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Subject: A few notes as we start the new year

Greetings Chairs, 

Happy New Year to you all. Last year was pretty darned productive with 6 new OASIS Standards approved, 41 new Committee Specifications passed as well as a number of Committee Notes and 5 submissions of OASIS Standards to other de jure standards bodies. Congratulations on all the hard work and technical milestones achieved.  And 2015 has started off with 3 OS ballots and a new set of Candidate OASIS Standards out for review. 

As we start into a new year of activity, I just want to remind you of a few housekeeping items to keep in mind. Please share these with your other TC members as needed. 

- Meeting minutes: 

Please remember that the OASIS rules require that your meeting minutes be posted to your TC mailing list. It is the institutional history of your debates, discussions and decisions - these are important documents! 

You can put the minutes in the body of the email itself or load your minutes document to the TC's document repository and letting the email automatically generated serve the purpose. (Personally I am partial to minutes in the email because then I can easily search them when I need to. But the choice is yours.) 

It is ok to use wikis or other informal tools for *draft* minutes, but your approved minutes must go to the TC mailing list. Please note that I will not act on approvals documented someplace other than the mailing list. 

Also, please be sure that you *publish* your minutes, not just the ones you need for TC Admin support requests, even if you get behind. Better late than never. Again - this is your history. Cherish it. 

- Roster maintenance:  

I realize that it is extra work for Chairs and Secretaries to maintain the roster but unfortunately we do not have an automated process. So you all need to keep the list of voting members up to date or at least bring it up to date whenever a vote is required. 

However, there are some changes you must not make to the roster, specifically changes between Member status and Observer status. These roles are intimately tied in to the OASIS IPR regime and the participant in the TC must make the choice themselves. 

Thus, if someone currently an Observer asks you to change them to Member, please direct them to the TC's web page where they should leave the group and then rejoin as a Member. This is especially crucial to insure, for member companies, that the company's Primary OASIS Representative approves their request. Likewise, please do not change Members to Observers. 

- Your document repository 

From time to time I see records that someone has deleted a document from the TC repository. Please do not do that. It alters your historical record and could raise questions in suspicious minds. (Not that *I* would ever suspect you of devious intent!) I know that it is tempting to remove a document that you realize you just loaded with flaws you meant to fix. But the right way to do it is to add a revision to it. That way, you won't have your repository cluttered with a lot of document versions and the latest version will always be served up unless you specifically want to go to an earlier version. 

As always, please don't hesitate to send me an email or call me at  +1 973-996-2298 if you have questions on how things work at OASIS. I'm happy to be the expert so that you don't have to be. I look forward to working with you all to make this year even more accomplished than last. 

Best regards, 

/chet   [§] 
Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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