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Subject: From the TAB: crucial tip about hyperlinks versus cross-references

TC chairs, 

Please share this with your editors as needed. 

The TAB is busy producing a handbook for OASIS spec editors with the goal of providing practical advice to help them get specs together efficiently. 

However, we identified one tip that, because it is so black and white, we wanted to get out immediately. 

When creating links in Word or Open Office, whether intra-document or inter-document, do not use the cross-reference feature. Use hyperlinks to bookmarks you have set instead. 

The reason for this is that we've realized that while cross-references work fine in the tool, when we save your spec as PDF or HTML, the cross-reference links are not saved. We have encountered this in some documents lately and we haven't found a way to fix it.

Bookmarks work even though they take more effort on your part. Mark any text that you want to act as a link target as a bookmark using your editing tool. (E.g. highlight the text and select Insert / Bookmark.) 

Then, use Insert / Hyperlink, select the document and select the bookmark. 

We have never encountered problems with links done this way even where the editors have constructed complex links to different directories, etc. 

If anyone knows of a method for making cross-references work, please let us know. Meanwhile, to ensure that your links work in all cases, use Bookmarks and Hyperlinks. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions. 



Jacques Durand, Fujitsu
Patrick Durusau, Individual member
Ashok Malhotra, Individual member
Kevin Mangold, NIST 
Stefan Hagen, Individual member

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