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Subject: CIQ V3.0

Writing from the NZ e-Government programme, we are about to extend our
schema for a directory service.
We are looking to spatialise the addresses in our data bank; we want to add
four nodes to describe the location:
   x coordinate
   y coordinate
   datum (with enumeration list)
   projection (possibly with enumeration list)

We are interested in exploring this issue with your committee at your
earliest convenience.

We have looked at the CIQ 3.0 schema and note the present implementation has
reference to a persistent identifier in a "GIS SYSTEM".
We could also use this technique to point to our "Directory System", but
this would work for the whole of a "LINE 1" type address.  The present
atomisation of address in the CIQ 3.0 schema requires separate pointers to
identifiers for street, town, county or district and country ... may not be
practical to implement if you do not maintain that level of spatial object
registry ...

I look forward to interchange and comments; please feel free to contact me
directly:  liz.kolster@ssc.govt.nz <mailto:liz.kolster@ssc.govt.nz> 
<mailto:liz.kolster@ssc.govt.nz <mailto:liz.kolster@ssc.govt.nz>>


NZ State Service Commission

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