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Subject: [ciq] Draft CIQ Standards available now!


As promised, I have now placed the latest versions of the CIQ Standards on
the CIQ TC web site
for your review and at the same time this enables the public to review them
as well. I have set
a deadline of 30 days (starting today) for review of the standards. Please
download the standards and review
them. Once all the comments/feedbacks are received (last day to receive
feedback is: 30 June 2002), we
can then go through the feedback and change the standards appropriately
based on our committees decision.

I have now created a separate "Download Area" on our web site. This download
area enables one to
download the latest draft standards + the previous versions of the
standards. The latest draft standards
are: xNAL V2.0, xNL V2.0, xAL V2.0, xCIL V2.0, and xCRL V1.1. These are
major releases.
The download includes:
- W3C DTDs
- W3C Schemas  with full namespace support (including assigned URNs for CIQ
- PDF documentation of all the standards
- XML sample files validated against DTDs and Schemas
- HTML documentation of all the schemas

The documents are much neater and clearer in its content.

Please review the standards. As we know, xNAL is already a Committee Spec. I
want to move the xCIL
standard to the next stage for voting as a committee specs. Reason, xCRL
uses xNAL and xCIL extensively
and xCIL is still  not a committee spec. It is time to make it a committee

xCRL is generating lot of interest in the industry as it is more powerful
than what many think.

With kind regards


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