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Subject: RE: Mary, please advise - 60 days public review of xPRL V3.0

Hi Ram,

  Are you saying that I was supposed to start a 60-day review at the same time? I thought we were waiting on the errata first. My apologies!

  With xPRL as a separate specification, it should not have the CIQ v3.0 schemas incorporated; instead they should just be referenced. 

  I don't believe I have the files for xPRL to review for the announcement.




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Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 7:58 PM
To: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
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Subject: Mary, please advise - 60 days public review of xPRL V3.0

Hi Mary,

When OASIS CIQ V3.0 PRD03 was submitted to you in the first week of April 2008 for announcing the 15 days public review, the TC also voted successfully in March 2008 to submit V3.0 of xPRL specifications for 60 days public review. The ballot details are in:

But due to the 5 months delay in getting the 15 day public review announcement of V3.0 CIQ, I now need to update the xPRL package with the CIQ V3.0 CS02 XML schemas that have the latest date and with CS02 status.

Does the TC need to again vote to get consensus on taking the V3.0 xPRL for 60 days public review or is the earlier ballot still valid?




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