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cloudauthz message

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Subject: Cloud AuthZ TC Meeting (21 Jan 2013) Chat Transcript

anonymous morphed into Darran Rolls (SailPoint)

anonymous morphed into Lloyd (Novell)

AnilSaldhana(RedHat): dialing in

anonymous morphed into Gines Dolera (NEC)

abbie barbir (BofA): Agenda

anonymous morphed into Craig Forster (SailPoint)

abbie barbir (BofA): . Roll Call, Agenda Review and Minute Taker Nomination.

2. Approval of 7 Jan 2013 Meeting Minutes.


3. CloudAuthZ UseCase Discussion

4. CloudAuthZ Entitlements Discussion

5. Other Business

6. Adjournment

Radu Marian: Hi Anil - do you want me to open the bridge line?

anonymous morphed into Richard Hill (Boeing)

Darran Rolls (SailPoint) asked for a victim, I choose... Craig Forster (SailPoint)

anonymous morphed into David Chadwick

abbie barbir (BofA): I cannot Find Jeff Dun on the roaster

abbie barbir (BofA): Am I getting the name right

orcmid: He said Dunne

abbie barbir (BofA): Dave r u on the bridge

Radu Marian: Radu Marian - will be the note taker

David Chadwick: yes

orcmid: http://docs.oasis-open.org/id-cloud/IDCloud-usecases/v1.0/cn01/IDCloud-usecases-v1.0-cn01.html

orcmid: I can see the documents just fine: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cloudauthz/documents.php

orcmid: The problem may be a difference with someone who has upload permissions. As a regular Member I can see the page though. (On other TCs, all members can upload documents, I think.)

orcmid: Hmm, if I go to the Working Documents folder, I can get the "Add Documents" action. Radu, try accessing the Member page for cloudauthz again.

Radu Marian: Use Cases needed to be compiled

Radu Marian: Anil suggested to have 30 days as a time frame to collect them

Radu Marian: Anil needs to create a JIRA action to collect the Use Cases

Radu Marian: Anil brought the need to submit definitions for entitlements

orcmid: A working document can be versioned and the history will be there as part of the document description.

Radu Marian: Radu and Anil agree that definition process is an iterative one...

Michael Poulin: Sorry, I was being late. Here is my question: why you talked about USE-cases instead of BUSINESS-cases? If this is really use-cases, then use of what?

Radu Marian: yes - use cases collect business requirements

Michael Poulin: Sorry again, I missed why we have started with entitlement ?

Radu Marian: Mike explained the importance for a Business Need - as a category for use cases

Radu Marian: Darren - will be submitting user stories - aka business need

Radu Marian: Anil - can you capture the dialog while i am discussing

orcmid: I think Michael is distinguishing the administration of the definition of entitlements and of roles over time, along with the administration of the identifiers.

orcmid: As opposed to an entity that has the use of an identifier exercising a role and its entitlements.

orcmid: (This can be in the system of course, because administration of the artifacts that represent entitlements and roles can be via entitlements and roles available to particular identifiers and the entities associated with them.)

orcmid: Using Radu's presentation, there are representations of the system as resources of the system.

orcmid: I notice that these meetings are scheduled for 45 minutes on the calendar, not one hour.

orcmid: (orcmid comments are on the chat only and are not in the teleconference voice discussion)

Radu Marian: Radu to drive entitlements model discussions - as informal calls -

Radu Marian: Mike agreed to be part of that discussion

Radu Marian: David - no organization roles to workflow roles

Radu Marian: mapping

orcmid: (I am confusing David and Michael's voices)

orcmid: David: Look at the tasks associated with Entitlements. I think this is too high level to show federation directly.

Radu Marian: meeting adjorned

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