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Subject: Re: [cloudauthz] a definitino of 'Entitlement' - proposal

I think the concept of entitlement is not the correct one and we should not be using it. Rather, I think that the user provides an identity credential, which may or may not grant the user access to a resource.

Entitlement is a right. But the user's credential is not always a right. The resource holder (the cloud service provider) can decide which credentials it will accept and which it will not.



On 22/01/2013 13:12, Mike Poulin wrote:
Hello All,
  here is a proposal for a definitino of Entitlement:

An Entitlement is

  * ·A concept of having a right to something or a guarantee of access
    to something or based on established rights or by legislation. A
    "right" is itself an entitlement associated with a moral or social
    principle, such that an "entitlement" is a provision made in
    accordance with the legal framework of a society.
  * ·A process of on- and off-boarding an entitlement system, claiming
    and assigning access rights, and administering the entitlement system
  * ·A system (manual or automated) that physically realises the
    entitlement process, keeps entitlement entries, maintains
    permissions and access rights for as well as information about the
    actors and resources covered by the entitlement

- Michael Poulin

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