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cloudauthz message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes : August 19, 2013

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: ===========

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Agenda

1. Roll Call, Agenda Review and Meeting Minute Taker Nomination.

2. Approval of meeting minutes (TBD)

3. Use case document updates

4. Other Business

5. Adjourn

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: ==============

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Voting Members: 7 of 10 (70%) (used for quorum calculation)

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Quorum Achieved

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Attendees at this time

Company Name ascending Role
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Shaheen Abdul Jabbar Secretary
Veterans Health Administration Mohammad Jafari Voting Member
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP: Chris Kappler Voting Member
Bank of America Radu Marian Chair
Axway Software Dale Moberg Voting Member
Red Hat Anil Saldhana Chair
Dell Danny Thorpe Voting Member

Chris Kappler, PwC: No meeting minutes to be approved. Will be done next meeting

Chris Kappler, PwC: 3. Discussion use cases

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Last version of use case document: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/49488/CloudAuthZ-usecases-v1.0d.docx

anonymous morphed into Jonas H.

Chris Kappler, PwC: Use case document is now in existence for a month. Anil will check if other cases have to be added

Chris Kappler, PwC: Next step is the normalization of the document

Jonas H. morphed into Jonas H. (Ericsson)

Chris Kappler, PwC: Anyone still having use cases can submit them. Once normalized the document will be passed to public review

Chris Kappler, PwC: 4. A TC template will be required to start inputting the access control model. References can be made to the ITU model

Chris Kappler, PwC: A decision will have to be made on what of the informal meetings is suitable for this TC. When this is done a template will be asked

Chris Kappler, PwC: The informal calls will be used for the normalization work. It is important that the people who's use cases are affected could be present

Chris Kappler, PwC: No other business

Chris Kappler, PwC: 5. Meeting adjourned

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