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Subject: Use of genericode

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Linda van den Brink <linda@dynasol.nl>
Date: Jan 10, 2008 9:14 AM
Subject: Use of genericode
To: clr-dev@lists.oasis-open.org

Hi all,

For a Dutch customer I'm working on several information models. These
information models are developed in cooperation with a Dutch
organization that manages geo-standards in the public sector. The
customer, and the geo-standards organization, are looking for a good
way to manage codelists. I've recommended that they look at
genericode, and in turn they are now asking me to look at this.

First of all, is Genericode stable enough to be considered for production use?

And what about the context/value association spec? I noticed that it
was heavily trimmed down compared to the previous version, which was a
description of not only the CVA format but also a methodology for
validation that relied on Schematron. I am curious about the reasons
for removing this dependency on Schematron. Or is the validation
methodology going to be in a separate spec?

I've been experimenting a bit with the Schematron implementation of
the CVA validation available at Cranesoftwrights. Is it an
implementation of the latest version of the spec?

Finally, a different sort of question. The geo-standards group I'm
involved in has been using UML to express all their information
models. They generate their schemata from UML. I expect them to ask me
if Genericode code lists could also be expressed in UML, but I don't
see an obvious way of doing this. Any thoughts on this?


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