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Subject: Re: [clr-dev] Use of genericode

At 2008-01-16 16:18 +0100, Linda van den Brink wrote:
>Ken wrote:
> > I don't know UML, so perhaps someone else on the committee or in the
> > community should comment.  But, if you think of genericode as
> > representing a keyed table, then if UML can represent a keyed table
> > the answer to "can the content found in genericode code lists also be
> > expressed in UML?" would be "yes".  Since genericode specifies a file
> > format, one can't express genericode (per se) in UML, but one should
> > be able to represent the content found in genericode in UML.
>I don't know UML well enough to be sure, but I *think* it can't
>represent a keyed table. I'm hoping someone will tell me differently,
>though. I've only been using UML class diagrams for about six months,
>so I could be overlooking something.
>I'd definitely like to hear from others on the committee or in the community!

So would I.

> >> And what about the context/value association spec?
> > It is an early work in progress.
>So it would not be advisable to use it just yet, I would think.

The concept behind the CVA specification isn't changing, only the 
syntax.  Many are already using CVA files and publishing the 
*results* of having used CVA files, without publishing the CVA files 
themselves (as is happening in UBL:  the end result XSLT validation 
stylesheet is included in the UBL package, while the CVA files are not).

Some valuable feedback has been submitted by committee members, so 
the syntax is getting closer to being finalized.  A lot of prose 
rewriting is also underway.

You may wish to prototype with what is currently available for CVA, 
since the prototype outputs are functional.  The prototype inputs 
will be changed when the syntax is finalized.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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