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Subject: Re: [clr-dev] Context attributes

Well spotted, Eric ... but thankfully nothing official is amiss or 

The vocabulary looked different in 2007 before it was 
finalized.  What you see today is based on feedback from after the 
time CIQ used a preliminary draft release.  Some of the feedback from 
that time was very useful in adjusting the vocabulary to meet needs better.

For example, back then the issue of instance-level metadata was 
addressed by the implementation, not the specification.  That proved 
too onerous at implementation time, and subject to too much 
interpretation.  To address that, the declaration of agreed-upon 
instance-level metadata was added to the specification.  Some said 
this made it more complex, but at least now it is unambiguous and not 
subject to interpretation.

Other feedback was that combining the "context" and "xpath" address 
into a complete address was too much.  This came out of the lectures 
and classes I was delivering (in particular the ones in Prague CZ and 
Sydney AU).  If I recall correctly, the feedback was "can't this just 
be simply concatenated", which wasn't true when based on the 
implementation requirements but once instance-level metadata was 
added it could be true.

Anyway ... there were a number of drafts over the first few years 
before the vocabulary became standardized and frozen.  CIQ's feedback 
(with many thanks to Ram Kumar) helped to shape the end result.

What you see here is the latest and greatest:


Keep those questions coming!

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

At 2010-10-10 06:44 -0500, ericdes wrote:
>I've found in some CVA files some contexts defined with attributes I 
>don't see in ContextValueAssociation.xsd, such as: 'item', 'context', 'xpath'.
>Example (taken from the file customised-cl-constraints.cva for CIQ):
>     <Context item="@a:Type"
>              xpath="a:AdministrativeArea/@a:Type"
>              values="LimitAdministrativeAreaType">
>       <Message>Bad type '<sch:value-of select="."/>' for 
> Administrative area in address data.</Message>
>     </Context>
>     <Context item="@a:Type"
>              xpath="a:Locality/@a:Type"
>              values="LimitLocalityType">
>       <Message>Bad type '<sch:value-of select="."/>' for Locality 
> in address data.</Message>
>     </Context>
>Are they an alternative to the attribute 'address'?

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