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Subject: Re: [clr-dev] Sample file of DDI controlled vocabularies

Please forgive my absence from the list, Joachim, as I was on an 
extended vacation escaping the cold Canadian winter.

At 2011-03-24 16:33 +0100, Joachim Wackerow wrote:
>The DDI Alliance is working on controlled vocabularies (CVs) which 
>support the DDI specification. The CVs are realized in Genericode. 
>We plan to publish the first set of CVs soon.


>The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an effort to create an 
>international standard for describing data from the social, 
>behavioral, and economic sciences. Further information is available at:
>Attached is a sample CV in Genericode. I tried to build the 
>structure according to the documentation of Genericode and according 
>to earlier valuable comments of Tony and Ken. I would be interested 
>in feedback on how Genericode is used for this purpose.

Using your file for test I will have to revisit my formatting 
stylesheets found at:


By personal inspection it looks to me like what you are doing for 
embedding HTML documentation is perfectly okay ... yet the rendered 
result is not working ... thus the need for me to find out where the 
disconnect is.  What assumptions can I change in my stylesheets?

>Hierarchies in the code values are indicated by the separator dot 
>(example: TimeSeries.Discrete). A fixed amount of columns is 
>preferred. Therefore the hierarchical values are not in separate 
>columns. The hierarchy depth is not known for future CVs.

The values could not be in separate columns without combining the 
columns to form the unique key ... I think what you are doing with 
the "." is just fine, if you think your users will not have a problem with it.

As a committee we are not advising on what you use as code values, 
only how you publish them for machine-readability.

>Multiple languages in a description column are realized by a complex 
>value (currently only one language included).

That looks just fine.  I do the same thing with the UBL IDD files in 
genericode.  I like that you are verbose for your community of users 
to read the details.

>Additional documentation sections are included in Annotation using 
>HTML div elements with a class attribute. An application can 
>recognize the required section by the value of the class attribute. 
>Application-specific information is provided in key/value pairs in the AppInfo.


>I would appreciate any comments on the sample file.

I like what you've done with your document.  When I can make the time 
to check out why my HTML stylesheets are not detecting your embedded 
HTML, I'll post again to the list.

Thank you for sharing your work in this code list community!  Good 
luck on your project.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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