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Subject: MXV: Model-driven XML Schema Vocabulary design: V3.2

Read on if you are interested in implementing a model-driven W3C XML Schema Vocabulary (MXV).


Already familiar with MXV?

Data Management Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release of MXV Productivity Tools v3.2.
the latest MXV enhancements see http://www.d-m-s.co.nz/serv_xmlschemaV3-2.htm


New to MXV?

MXV is a portable, industry-independent, yet customisable W3C XML Schema design solution.
MXV lets you:

o     Implement your own UML enterprise class model (taxonomy) aligned to OASIS UBL NDR 2.1 (*)

o     Derive and generate your own W3C XML Schema Library and Document Schemas from the UML model

o     Centralise the management of your W3C XML schemas and eliminate hand-coded schemas.

o     Generate 2-pass XML Value Validation skeletons (OASIS Genericode, Context Value Association and Schematron)

o     Validate XML values platform independently.

o     Standardise B2B and EAI integrations

·        For more details on MXV, see http://www.d-m-s.co.nz/serv_xmlschema.htm

·        Read the case study of the Ministry of Education New Zealand on semantic interoperability using MXV at

·        View the MXV Demo Video at

·        Read more about 2-pass XML Value Validation at


Enquiries and comments are welcome.



Juerg Tschumperlin

Data Management Solutions

Wellington, New Zealand




(*) UBL NDR 2.1: Please note that as of July 2011 the OASIS UBL NDR 2.1 document has not been published yet. At this stage, MXV emulates UBL NDR 2.1.


cc: xml-dev


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