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Subject: Binding Proposal Feedback

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for the first proposal document. I would like to start the discussion. Here are a few comments and suggestions.

- ( datetime mapping: datetime values should be transmitted as numbers (milliseconds since 1970/01/01). A JavaScript Date object can be initialized with this value and there is no further parsing required.

- (1.2.4) Paging: I'm not sure I understand this. Should cmis:pageinfo be an object beside, for example, a getChildren output? Or should it be within the getChildren output? If so, would it be on the same level as the children? Also, cmis:pageinfo should always be present. A repository might cut the result list even if maxItems is not present.

- (1.2.8) return codes: We should define an optional? JSON structure that allows to send more meaningful information about the failure if the repository is able to. For example, an invalidArgument exception could return the name of the argument. 

- ( getRepositories: I don't think we need a simple list.

- ( getRepositories inputs: We should have a repositoryId parameter here. See CMIS spec

- ( getChildren outputs: cmis:name might not be unique within a folder. We should use the object id here. Do we need a key at all? Won't be a simple array sufficient?

- Florian

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